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Welcome to my site.  So glad to see you here.  I'm Keren, married to Guy and mom to Tamar, Nir, Amit and Daniel. 

Apart from being a Pediatric occupational therapist and Early childhood consultant, I am a registered Yoga teacher, a Developmental movement and Baby yoga instructor, a Pre and Perinatal Educator (PPNE), a Baby carrier consultant, and a registered Lactation consultant. 

Life has a path of it's own and we were lucky to spend 8 years in both Manhattan and NJ, where I was able to expand my knowledge and expertise in baby development.

Yoga was my path connecting to my own body and mind. Basic yoga poses are the way we all develop from infancy, and combined with touch and movement, they offer a unique opportunity for moms and babies to spend quality time together.  Babies do not come with an instruction manual (wouldn't that be great...) and we have to develop our motherhood on our own. That drove me to create a space where moms and babies can grow together.

I offer service both in my home in Herzliya or at clients, and work in both group and individual settings.

Let's work together

one on one

“Mama, you are exactly the mom your baby needs”

How many times do we find ourselves asking “Did I react the right way? Did I answer my baby’s needs?”

Society today creates a need to be a “perfect” mom. One, that knows exactly what her baby needs and when. One that gives him exactly what he needs at any given time. But the truth is, that our babies arrive to the world with their own self, and with no instructions, and we are left to figure things out as he/she grows. Much of the information we find today is a “One size fits all” type, leaving many unsatisfied. There are many situations where we doubt ourselves as new parents, especially in the first few months. These moments are an integral part of becoming parents, and they play an important role in understanding ourselves and our parenting style.

That is why I created private consults that are tailored to you and your baby’s pace, needs and wants. Each consult will provide you with information and appropriate tools, postures, and movement to support you baby in  different developmental stages, such as gas, tummy time, rolling, crawling, sitting etc.

Consults are done at your convenience, and in your preferred place, in person or online from anywhere.

קרן מלמד התפתחות תינוקות באיזור השרון
MOVING together

“Sometimes the smallest things take the biggest space in our hearts…” / Winnie the Poo

When my oldest was born I had imagined a romantic vision of myself strolling in the park with her on maternity leave, enjoying the relaxed time. This vision was far from the truth for me, and it took me a while to understand that as prepared I thought I was, chaos was a big part of the first period of my motherhood, and that’s OKAY. I could not believe how such a small creature creates so much work, so many feelings, and can take such a huge space in my heart and make me love her so much.

Our babies arrive to the world with their own self, and with no instruction manual, and we are left to figure out their needs and wishes as they grow. To many of us, the first motherhood period is challenging, exciting, tiring, and mainly very new. Many feel lonely, even with family around, because at the end of the day, it’s the baby and us. We, as parents, do our best to calm, sooth, provide, protect, feed and nurture, as much as we can.

This is why I created “Movin’ Together”, a time of mutual growth for moms and babies. My classes are created with purpose of connecting mom to baby, mom to herself and to other moms, through touch, movement and play, in an intimate, supporting and warm environment. It is a place to ask questions, share experiences and be empowered by the power of the group :)

Babies are true yogis from birth. They go through different primary yoga postures as they develop, through their tummy time, crawling, pivoting, sitting, standing and much more. My classes focus on attuning to the baby through listening, touching, moving as well as providing techniques to facilitate baby's body strength, as he or she flow through their individual developmental stages. Yoga is a discipline that can lead infants as well as kids to better regulate and calm their mind, as well as facilitate in building a strong and flexible body.

It is a time of true joy and enjoyment from your baby and you as a mom.

Classes are in English/Hebrew.

yoga for the special

Because yoga is for EVERYbody

"Yoga for the Special Child®", created by Sonia Sumar, is a gentle and safe yoga style designed to support the development of children and adults with special needs, such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ASD, as well as Attention Deficit Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and other developmental delays and challenges. 


As a "Yoga for the special child" Licensed Practitioner, my classes combine a multi-sensory experience, and include singing (Chanting), breathing exercise (Pranayama), practice of yoga poses (Asana) followed by Relaxation and guided meditation.

Sessions are One on One or small groups, adapted and tailored to match students' physical, mental, emotional, communicative and cognitive abilities.

Yoga is both a physical and mental practice that I believe should be accessible to all. It holds many benefits for students of all abilities and ages.

Here are some of them:

  • Improves communication and social skills

  • Increases concentration and focus

  • Helps reduce stress and Increase emotional regulation

  • Increases self esteem and builds confidence

  • Increases muscle strength and flexibility

  • Increases motor coordination

  • Facilitates the development of body awareness

  • Creates calmness in body and mind

קרן מלמד התפתחות תינוקות בהרצליה
קרן מלמד יעוץ הנקה
קרן מלמד התפתחות תינוקות

About Me

I’m Keren, married to Guy, mom of Tamar, Nir and Amit, and I am here for you.

My professional career started at my home country, Israel, working as an Occupational Therapist (B.O.T) and an Early Childhood Consultant (M.A.) at Beit Issie Shapiro, an Israeli leading early intervention center. I worked with both Infants and children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and other developmental delays, as well as older children. 

Life has a path of its own, which brought me and my family to NYC in 2015. Moving on our own, with no support and with two young kids had brought me to seek more tools and strategies to cope with the hectic life that became my own, for both myself and my children. That is when I found Yoga.

Yoga became a path to find a sense of balance in my everyday life. A path to be accepting and loving of what I am doing. A path to be more aware, of who I am, what I'm capable of, and to believe in myself. 

Today, I am a Yoga teacher (RYT-200) and a Children’s yoga teacher (RCYT), a “Yoga for the special child ® “licensed practitioner, and an Infant developmental movement and baby yoga teacher through “Gogo Babies®”.

I created “Moving Together” classes from my own understanding that just as “it takes a village to raise a child”, it takes that village to support a mom in her own journey. Today, more and more moms live away from family, and the need to find a supporting community is even greater. That is why my classes focus on giving moms support in early stages of motherhood, as well as guiding them to provide appropriate movement to babies. Sessions are done in small groups that create the opportunity to connect through touch and movement, mom to baby, mom to herself, and mom to other moms.

From my deep understanding that it is hard to parent today, in an era of so much information on motherhood and parenting , I choose to emphasize the innate intuition each mom has within her, find peace and no judgement in her interaction with her baby, and empower the understanding each and every mom has of her own baby.    

​Struggling to find myself in this hectic, yet exciting situation, with three young kids, I found Yoga.

Yoga became my new PATH.

A path That is when I knew that I wanted to deepen my understanding in both Yoga and find a way to teach it to individuals with different abilities.

Today, after a four year journey, I am a Registered Hatha Flow Yoga instructor (RYT200), and a "Yoga for the Special Child®" Licensed Practitioner, passionate, ready and willing to give back to the community, because Yoga is for EVERY BODY.

 Through Yoga, as I have learned, you can improve the physical aspects of the body, but more importantly, strengthen the mind, and enhance self-esteem, and confidence.

קרן מלמד ריפוי בעיסוק התפתחותי

They Say About Me

Young Mother and Baby

Lian, NYC

"I've been taking private yoga classes with Keren for few months now and I like her style of teaching very much. She is a very nurturing, kind, and insightful instructor. Keren integrates a great deal of variety from class to class and provides careful instruction on the foundations of yoga. I recommend Keren  to everyone who feel intimidated by yoga and would like a pleasurable introduction to this world."

Zoe, NYC

"Keren is a wonderful, patient teacher. She is great at explaining how small adjustments can make big changes to poses. I always leave her classes feeling calm, empowered, and more knowledgeable."

Nitzan, NYC

We were so lucky to have found Keren, and share some magical mommy-baby moments with her. It was an amazing bonding experience to bring my son in for weekly classes, and learn new movements, songs, and relate to other mothers and their babies. Keren is so warm and welcoming, and takes her time to talk through any issues, questions, concerns, and frankly just listen to you- which is so important in those early days of motherhood. I would recommend all new moms to join Keren’s sessions for themselves and their young ones. You’ll be able to learn many new tools and activities to later do on your own, and make great connections. Keren is always there to support you, even when class is over, which has been so helpful as our kids grow and develop.

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